I’ve always loved the month of February.  I know for some of you, February may usher in the doldrums of winter.   Well, I hope to liven things up for you with some warm winter, American classics!  After nearly a month of raw food dieting in January, we’re going back to the basic.  This month, we’ll be focused on meat substitutes, namely how to use tempeh, tofu and seitan (or commonly called wheat meat).  And in March, we’ll continue our “Basics Series” with a focus on Dairy substitutes.

February’s cruelty free recipes should leave you and your loved ones feeling nutritionally satisfied and confident that you CAN make this dietary change a permanent lifestyle.  We’ll make it easy on you.

Week One – Tempeh:  Beginning on February 4 we’ll be teaching you how to utilize Tempeh, a fermented soy product, that does require certain cooking techniques.  Tempeh is terrific in stews, incorporated into patties, or crumbled to make hearty salad spreads.

Week Two – Tofu:  Beginning on February 11, we’ll show you how to make amazing Tofu dishes.  No …. Tofu does NOT have to taste flavorless, and with endless options for preparing it, Tofu will likely become a household staple.  It is for me.  I’ll also share how to use TVP (or TSP – Textured Soy Protein).  There is some controversy out there as to soy’s dietary safety, and we’ll be looking at the research, and weeding through the facts.

Week Three – Seitan:  Beginning February 18, we’ll provide instructions on how to make your own wheat meat, using vital wheat gluten.  Once you’ve learned to make your own Seitan – pronounced SAY-TAN or SEE-TAN – those beef cravings are sure to disappear.  But if you have wheat gluten sensitivity, this option won’t be for you, and we’ll review why this is a growing concern in America.

Week Four – Manufactured Artisan Plant Based Options:  And our last week, February 25th, we’ll seek out all of the wonderful manufactured plant based options that are quickly becoming commonplace in today’s grocery store produce sections.  I’ll share with you my brand preferences, and some of my favorite recipes using Gardein Chick’n and Beef Starters, Tofurkey Sausages, Yves Veggie Soyrizo,   Litelife Fakin’ Bacon Tempeh Strips, along with Field Roast sausages and roasts.     I’ll also share with you why I’ve been boycotting Morningstar Farms products !!

February is also a month full of holidays and social events.  We start out today with Superbowl Sunday.  I’m putting together a big pot of Meaty Bean Chili. It’s a big month for New Orleans, host of today’s big football matchup, and next week’s Mardi Gras, beginning February 12.  In the spirit of things, I’ll be sharing a recipe for Vegan Gumbo.  We follow Mardi Gras up with Valentine’s Day.  I’ve rarely had a good experience dining out on that particular day – sort of like New Years Eve – too crowded and the kitchen’s tend to fall short, as does the wait staff.  So we’ll be spending it at home.  Since it’s Tofu week, I’ll be thinking up something new and exciting with a Valentines Day twist !!  We have along holiday weekend on the 18th, with President’s Day, and I’ll be sharing some American Seitan classics!  On Sunday the 24th, we have the Oscars.  Sunday is soup night for me, and I’ll be making an adaptation to Lentil Soup, that is sure to add a sweet surprise to the occasion.

Tomorrow, look for Week One’s Tempeh menu planner, along with a photo recap of the second half of our Raw Diet.

Out of love for humanity’s health and the welfare of all beings and our environment …  I hope you’ll join me for an amazing month of lovin’ plant-based basics !!


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