Sometime before vacation, one of the raw food bloggers posted a photo of Brazil Nut Parmesan.  I’ll give the credit to Girl on Raw, although I can’t find it on her blog.  Since seeing it, I’ve been dieing to try it … But I haven’t been able to find Brazil nuts anywhere here on St. Thomas!   So don’t you know, I brought some back with me from vacation!!  I always carry along an extra bag to stuff full of food finds and stateside deals on bulk foods.  Forget the souvenirs …. I don’t have room!

I’m in the midst of a busy work week, working hard on my other website, where I’ll soon be teaching and coaching WordPress blogging, along with some life coaching and financial consulting.  Call it Entrepreneur Hand Holding.

Anyway, no matter what each of our livelihoods, I think everyone can use quick and easy pasta recipes for those busy weekday nights, or lazy weekends ?!?!

But good grief, when we go vegan, all of a sudden, we may feel at a loss, because we’ve just decided to give up cheese.  What, no more creamy, cheesy pastas??  No more feta on my salad ?!?!  Learning how to mimic cheese and adapt pasta sauces was the absolute first thing I did when making the switch.  If I hadn’t succeeded, I literally think my boyfriend Spencer and I might have parted ways 😉

I’ve been debating what I’d like to share on my Tuesday’s Tips segment over the next few weeks.  And I realize that “Dairy Adaptation” is probably the most valuable offering I can make.  When I started, and emptied my fridge of all things dairy, I didn’t have access to Daiya or Follow Your Heart Sour Cream.  Heck, I was happy just to find Earth Balance Buttery Spread and Vegenaise here on my little island paradise!  So in the weeks to come, Tuesday’s Tips will be all about creating plant based dairy substitutes, and hopefully you’ll share some of your own.

parmaNow getting back to that Parmesan substitute …  In the past, I’ve carried home Parma Brand Vegan Parmesan.  And it’s ingredients are simple & easy enough to make at home:  walnuts, nutritional yeast and Himalayan crystal salt.  And while it does add a cheesy appeal as a casserole or pasta topper, your dinner guests aren’t going to be fooled.  It’s tasty, don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t have the same texture or flavor as the real monte.

So as I tweeted last night …


I’ve been veg-vegan for how long … And I’m just now discovering that micro-planed brazil nuts look & taste exactly like parmesan ?!? OMG!

Without further adieu, here’s The Best Vegan Parmesan Substitute I’ve found so far …

BrazilNutParmesan2Brazil Nut Parmesan – Per serving of Pasta
*  2 Brazil nuts, shaved using a Microplane Tool
*  a pinch of fine sea salt, or shaved rock salt
*  a tiny sprinkle of nutritional yeast (optional)


That’s it!  And it was delicious, atop a simple Pasta w/ Brussels Sprouts and Gardein Chick’n strips, adapted from a recipe in last October’s Good Housekeeping Magazine.  The recipe was included in an article entitled “Pasta, Pronto!”  Get ready to ciao down!!  These hearty crowd pleasing dinners are loaded with flavor and take just 25 minutes or less to prep.   The article was intended for autumn, but I think the recipes can be enjoyed anytime of the year.

Now that you know what to substitute for the parmesan, have at it …

Hopefully I can bring some non-dairy summer, pasta pronto goodness in the weeks to come …  But for now ….

5 Super Easy Pastas, Courtesy of Good Housekeeping, vegan suggestions by yours truly …
Cavatappi w/ Chicken & Brussels Sprouts (substitute Gardein Chick’n strips)
Shells w/ Spiced Lamb Ragu (substitute Yves Meatless Ground Round or Turkey)
Butternut Squash & Pesto Rotini (no substitutes needed)
Sausage & Mushroom Penne w/ Baby Green (substitute Light Life Gimme Lean Sausage)
Shrimp & Fennel Spaghetti (I’d probably try seasoned Tofu … hummm … can you soak tofu with seaweed to give it a fishy flavor??)


Good Housekeeping


The TTV Vegan Twist







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