Christmas Eve is always “Cheese” Fondue night here at the Twisted Vegan household.  I’ve tried many vegan adaptations for cheese fondue over the years.  This year, I tracked down a recipe created by Eric Tucker, chef of the famous San Francisco restaurant Millennium.

Eric’s Vegan Fondue uses a base of boiled and pureed yellow potatoes, arborio rice & cashews.

And it rocks !!! 

I’ll add my own touches – a dark porter beer version and a pesto swirl version – to finish it off.

My dippers this year ??

  • homemade focaccia bread cubes
  • boiled baby new potatoes
  • roasted asparagus spears
  • steamed baby zucchini & patty pan squash
  • artichoke
  • gnocchi
  • veggie dogs (in blanket maybe)
  • apples & pears

More finish photos later.

So happy to share this wholesome deliciousness with all my friends ….  Merry Christmas & happy Dipping !!





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