Friday nights are “Finger Food” night here at the TTV household.   Easy entrees which can be easily doubled in the event friends drop by for cocktails.   I’m usually experimenting with pizzas,  nachos of some type, tapas or small plates of things like tempeh wings, cauliflower pizza bites, mini corn dogs, etc.    Good “pub” sort of food.

DeliciouslyWhile I was surfing the recipes at my Web Resource this week – – chef Andrea shared a Homemade Quinoa Pizza Crust, from her friend over at

Since I was wanting this week’s menu to be low carb (aka gluten free) and low cal, I decided to give it a try.

I’ll start by saying that I’ve decided to rename this recipe “Flatbread”.

Because if you are like me, when Pizza comes to mind, you are proabably thinking more like this:



And I don’t want to give you the wrong idea.  Learned that one from Chopped !!

The Quinoa Pizza crust was super tasty.

But I really just didn’t find it to be even like a crispy, thin style pizza crust.

Anyway, let’s get started !!!  Making the flatbread is super easy !!

As instructed, I started by soaking the quinoa over night.  Mine actually continued to soak through the day too, so I soaked for more like 20 hours.   A few of the quinoa grains had already started to sprout !

I already had this sense of Superfood … protein packed, wholesome goodness !!

I drained the quinoa, added in 1 teaspoon of cider vinegar, some herbs and a pinch of salt.




The instructions state that the quinoa will form up into a dough, resembling pancake mix.

I was tempted to add a little bit of water, but after about 2 minutes of alternating from low to high pulsing, the quinoa did break down into this creamy batter.



I spread the batter 1/2″ thick in the bottom of a square baking dish.    I baked it for 15-20 minutes, as instructed, then flipped it over, and cooked another 10 minutes.

And as you can see, I topped mine with

  • a layer of homemade hummus
  • roasted beets
  • “massaged” kale
  • and toasted walnuts




The flavors were outstanding, if a little messy.    What resulted was more like a flatbread.  The crust was still soft, even a bit too soft to really eat like a pizza.  So I just added in a bit more hummus, and ate it like a soft taco … YUM !!





I can’t wait to try this a second time, cooking the crust longer, and maybe spread a bit thinner on a different pan.  I might even try to slice the bread, and bake it a second time to make crackers.

Power to the Quinoa !!!   A super-nutritious and delicious meal ….

You can find Deliciously Ella’s recipe for Quinoa Pizza/Flatbread Crust here:

This is what I call “Finger-Lickin’ Good” !!











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