“I hate, hate, the notion of a secret recipe … Recipes were made to be shared.  That’s how they improve, how they change, how new ideas are formed and older ones made ripe.”

~ Molly Wizenberg – A Homemade Life

Good Form

According to the  FoodBlog Alliance , the rules that most cookbook authors and food writers follow are these:


adapt-change-crossword-on-white-background1.  Adapted From:  If you’re modifying someone else’s recipe, it should be called “adapted from“.  I will use this when I’ve made simple changes, such as using earth balance for butter, soy milk for cows milk, with little else unchanged.



side_GreenIdea2. Inspired By:   If you change a recipe substantially, you may be able to call it your own.  But if it’s somewhat similar to another’s recipe, you should say it’s “inspired by“, which means that you used someone else’s recipe for inspiration, but changed it substantially.  I would say that this represents 75% of my work here.  Most recipes that interest me need serious adaptation.  But I like to give credit where credit is due, plus it helps you the reader see where my inspiration comes from, so you can be inspired too.


copyright-trademark-logo3.  ©All Mine & Copyrighted:  If you change three ingredients, you can in most instances “call the recipe yours”.    Since most recipes which give me inspiration have been changed substantially, you will note that many have been copyrighted as my original work, yet I still give inspiration credit.  Then there are the other 25%, which are my own Twisted creations!  I will simply list myself as the recipe author.


Permission & Attribution

email_meI have created this website as a way for us plant-based peeps to become
a tribe, a community, a network of like minded people.

If you would like to republish an article or an unchanged, copyrighted recipe please request my permission via eMail.

If you get an idea from here, and change it up, I’d be grateful if you would provide attribution.

Attribution is a fancy word that simply means giving credit to the original author.  Still drop me a note, as I’d love to see what you’ve created!

There’s no legal requirement to give me attribution, but I’d still encourage you to do so. It’s good form.  I believe it is the form you will find that I follow, when others have inspired me.  I do not reprint recipes here, unless I have substantially changed them.  It’s one of the reasons I created Wednesday’s Web Segment:  So I can share others work, without re-posting, and risking plagarism, or copyright issues.

As one food blogger noted:  For many of us – including me – this is our profession, not a hobby.  I have hundreds of hours of development into this website, which took me some 2+ years to learn on my own.  I now spend at least 3 hours per day researching, writing, and cooking for this blog.  It’s taken time for me to type up recipes, to adapt ingredients, to test them, re-adapt them, then write them up for sharing here.  To simply copy my hours of work, and claim it as your, just isn’t right.

So If you do give attribution, I’d appreciate it if you’d include a link to my blog or mention the URL TheTwistedVegan.com.  Partly this is so that people can find the full body of my work, including my latest creations, all in one place. And they can connect with the awesome community here too.

FoundationCoordination & Community

If you have some ideas and you’d like to discuss them, or if you’d like to coordinate something with others, please email me.  I’d love to take part, in whatever way I can!

If you’d like to create your own blog such as this, but don’t know where to begin, by all mean, contact me.  I’ve been there!  And now teach WordPress to entrepreneurs.

Why Am I Doing This?



Because of my love and compassion for all of humanity , the animals and this planet.  I like the idea of removing all barriers to sharing. And this is something I want to experience as part of my own path of growth.

So please, share my work, but please respect the time I’ve put into it by giving me a link back and attribution ….

Namaste, and happy plant based eating and sharing !!


Additional Resources:

An excellent Q&A regarding the Copyright Infringement vs. Fair Use via Chilling Effects Clearinghouse

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