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Aside from being a Twisted Vegan and Yogi, Victoria Prehn is a Visionary Coachsultant for Entrepreneurs, a teacher of Wordpress web design, and a provider of memorable Caribbean vacations via her property Three Palms Villa and Dream Bookings Yacht Charters. Visit her website VictoriaPrehn.com to learn more.

Perfect Game Day Treat – Hearts of Palm “Mozzarella” Sticks! Plus my Tried & True Coating

If you've been craving one of my favorite appetizer of old, mozzarella sticks, it's time to break out the Fry Daddy!   I've been dying to try this recipe, using hearts of palm as the filling, ever since I saw it on Facebook this summer.  And last night, I finally gave them a whirl ... For [...]

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Hand Crafted Gin & Tonics w/ Cinchona Bark – A Unique Gift Idea for your Favorite Foodie!

One of my biggest achievements in 2014 has been helping my boyfriend Spencer kick his "Rum & Diet Coke" habit.   As the evidence against consuming aspartame continues to mount, and my harping grew louder and louder, Spencer could no longer ignore that diet coke simply was not a smart choice.   Mind you, he wasn't planning [...]

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Spicy Sixteen Bean Slow Cooker Soup

When Spencer says I've made one of my best soups ever, I just had to share!   There's nothing like coming home from a long day of work, to walk in the door to the delicious smell of dinner waiting.   The morning prep took me no longer than 15 minutes, and I did NOT pre-soak my [...]

Ramen in the Raw & MyFitnessPal.com

Good morning fellow foodies, and I hope this finds you enjoying your Independence Day weekend.    While I am working at carving out the time to put my new theme in place, I thought I'd share with you another low-carb breakfast, or anytime meal:   Ramen in the Raw Soup. I love my Ramen Noodles.   But honestly, [...]

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Low-Carb 5-Minute Toastless TLT Lite w/ Mock Hollandaise

It's bikini season. And if one more person mentions Atkins to me, I think I'm going on a hunger strike !! Yet, everyone these days seems to be into "low carb" dieting. So in some ways, I should be grateful, because weight loss or health issues do often open the door for people to ask me about my vegan lifestyle. Whatever it takes to get people talking plant based, I'm all for it :)

Please Help Me Spread this Inspiring Message for the Voiceless!

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated" ~Gandhi One of my favorite tee shirts has a caricature of a spouting whale on it. And underneath are the words: "Save the Humans". Most days on my morning blog, Reflections On Sunrise, I write in [...]

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