Curried Coconut Chick’n & Rice Casserole

Savory, sweet & spicy this exotic comfort food will have your taste buds singing and your belly happy!   With crispy basmati rice as a topper, it's the opposite of how most curry dishes are made, with soupy curry plopped on top of rice, making it soggy.    I absolutely loved it upside-down !!! I've had this [...]

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Good Food for Bad Times: Disaster Preparedness & 5 Quick Fix Ideas for the Butternut Squash Soup Carton

Monday night at my house is "Quick Fix" night.  For many of us, the start of the work week can be pretty hectic.  And here in the USVI, it's also when the shiploads of fresh produce hit our grocery stores, so I usually shop on Mondays.  By the time I get home, and put everything [...]

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I wish I could eat like You, But I’ll have a Veal Shank instead. Plus Curry in a Hurry!

In all the rush to get Spencer off on his trip, we happened to have a friend and neighbor over for dinner, as she will help take care of our cats while we are both away.  And she is on another one of "those" diets.  This time it's Atkins.  The one that T.Collin Campbell, author [...]

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Pumpkin Curry Chick’n over Herbed Cashew Basmati

Pumpkin Curry Chick'n over Rice                     Happy Meatless Monday, and my prayers are going out to everyone suffering in the path of Hurricane Sandy.  I can truly empathize, as I've been there many times during my years here in hurricane alley, in the USVI.  [...]

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