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Four Lessons Learned from Thanksgiving Vacation

It is often while traveling that the teachings of yoga, and non-attachment, become extremely helpful to me.  Buddhist and Yogic traditions teach that suffering arises from wishing things to be other than they are.  When we are so attached to our notions and ideals of vegetarianism and veganism, we can easily fall into the painful [...]

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Are you overextending yourself to please others?

Stop Overextending Yourself to Please Others: 6 Simple Tips One of my favorite blogs, Tiny Buddha, offers a handful of strategies that helped the author begin to put her needs first, with the hope that some of them will resonate for you.  Her post couldn't have come at a more perfect time, when many of [...]

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Food For Thought: Black Friday – A Vegan Gift Giving Guide

So the real Black Friday is finally here.  What was up with the Friday-Before-Black-Friday advertising campaign last week??  More than ever, it seems Christmas is out before Thanksgiving is over.  Even one of my friends on Facebook was putting up her Christmas tree and lights last weekend.  "Too Early" read a number of comments.  While [...]

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Top 10 Ways to say “No Thank You to the Meat ” at the Holiday Carving Station

                              I'm headed to my family's home for Thanksgiving this year.  I remember the first time I came home for the holidays, after I had become vegetarian back in 1987.  My family knew of my decision, yet when we sat down [...]

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Friday’s Food for Thought: Top 10 Reasons to Skip the Turkey on Thanksgiving

I’d like to take this opportunity to invite you to join the growing number of people who’ll skip the turkey this Thanksgiving.  There are lots of good reasons to find other ways to celebrate one of our favorite holidays.  To help you along, here are our top ten reasons to skip the bird this year:   [...]

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