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Topics range from cooking tips to vegan news to rants on issues I’ve encountered this week.

Special Edition of Food for Thought: Super Storm Sandy

Sandy enveloping the entire East Coast of America                       As I'm busy typing up this week's "Meatless Monday" blogpost, I can't help but be distracted by the ongoing coverage of Super Storm, Hurricane Sandy which is poised to wreak havoc and destruction of [...]

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Vegan Jobs and Documentary

During my normal Sunday task of compiling this week's menu and thinking about a blog post, I was inspired to google "Jobs for Vegans".  Well, there seems to be a website for just about everything in this world, and at the top of the Google search came  It claims to be a new website, so [...]

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I have a blog :)

Hooray!!!  I have a blog!! I am so grateful for Wordpress, because I now have a web platform, where I can easily write about my favorite topic, and share my love for food and recipes!  Put down all your notions concerning vegan food (ie. that it's weird health food), because I'm about to totally change [...]

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