Mushroom Paprikash

One of the reasons I create a menu planner each week is to keep me on track.  I usually look at it first thing in the morning at breakfast, but yesterday, I was distracted.  It wasn't until dinner time that I went to it, and saw that I was supposed to have made stuffed peppers [...]

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December’s Planner + Four Fast Vegan Meals to kick off the busy holiday season

I'm just getting back from a wonderful extended 12 day visit with my family over Thanksgiving, and of course returned to an empty refrigerator.  Fortunately, I had a number of items in the pantry and freezer, to get me through until I was able to get a menu and grocery list together.  I thought I'd [...]

Meatless Monday: Killer Kale Pesto

Earlier this year, Spencer came across a recipe for a Killer Kale Pesto from the In Pursuit Of More blog. Click here to get the Killer Kale Pesto recipe and to visit the In Pursuit Of More blog. Eliminate the optional parmesan, you won't miss it, I promise! This pesto has been a real godsend.  [...]

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Roasted Butternut Squash Pasta Casserole

Yum ... Better than Mac and Cheese !   I'm in the front row, on the right. Wow, it's hard to believe it's Monday already !!!  My week flew by, as I had a challenging villa checkout (with some 10 loads of laundry left by my guests), followed by my final [...]

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Wheat Meat & Lasagna Toss

          The Recipe Twist of the Month was inspired by a recipe in Better Homes & Gardens Magazine from April 2011. You can find the original recipe here. My new favorite cookbook is American Vegan Kitchen by Tamasin Noyes.  This gal knows how to cook, and her cookbook has the best [...]

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