A Wintertime Pizza w/ Homemade Quinoa Pizza Crust

Friday nights are "Finger Food" night here at the TTV household.   Easy entrees which can be easily doubled in the event friends drop by for cocktails.   I'm usually experimenting with pizzas,  nachos of some type, tapas or small plates of things like tempeh wings, cauliflower pizza bites, mini corn dogs, etc.    Good "pub" sort [...]

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There’s My Plane !! Teese me with Cheese, and sinfully delicious BBQ Tater Tot Pizza !!

  "Celebrate we will, for life is short, but sweet for certain !!"    ~ David Matthews Band   Good morning friends. I'd like to start by wishing my boyfriend Spencer a very happy birthday. On one hand, we won't have too much time to lollygag today, as we have villa guests arriving tomorrow.  We [...]

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No-Bake Salad Pizza

  Happy Meatless Monday everyone!   It was mighty difficult to select my favorite meal to post today from last week's menu which is rotating above.   But I figure it's only fair that I share the No-Bake Salad Pizza recipe that I tweeted about last night.   Yes, it was truly devoured alongside a wonderful [...]

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