Bean Soup

Spicy Sixteen Bean Slow Cooker Soup

When Spencer says I've made one of my best soups ever, I just had to share!   There's nothing like coming home from a long day of work, to walk in the door to the delicious smell of dinner waiting.   The morning prep took me no longer than 15 minutes, and I did NOT pre-soak my [...]

Terrific Tips: Homemade Bean Soup Mix – A Welcomed Hostess Gift

  Good day fellow foodies.  And I apologize for being a bit late in getting my post off today.  I was experiencing ISP problems this morning, which took some time for them to resolve. But what a surprise to awaken to early Christmas winds !  I actually had to grab a light jacket while I [...]

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What’s For Breakfast? Hearty Quinoa & Corn Porridge

  "Life is like an ice-cream cone, you have to lick it one day at a time."  ~ Charles M. Schulz Good morning friends.  While I hoped to be sharing with you today an updated version of my Rasta Vodka Pasta, life yesterday was having nothing of it …. Sometimes Life is in the Shitter & [...]

Five Inspirational Tips for Getting Back on Track + Lemony Spinach, Orzo & Chickpea Soup

Where did my week go ?  Or better yet .... Where has half a year just gone ?? I'm preparing to head off-island in six weeks, for six weeks.  We'll close up our rental property for vacation ourselves and a seasonal work opportunity at a Sugar Beet Harvest in Montana.  As I look at what [...]

My Two Favorite Vegan White Bean Recipes: Grandmother’s Southern & Tuscan Cassoulet

Returning home after two weeks vacation usually means I'm living off my pantry and freezer for a couple of days until I can get a menu together and get to the store. As I dug around in my pantry fridge, I came across a bag of dried lima beans - or more appropriately, butter beans [...]

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