Veggie Chick’n

Save the “Wings” but enjoy the Sauce in my Buffalo Chick’n and Potato Casserole. Plus Victoria’s Vegan Valley Ranch Dressing !

Over the years, my villa guests have left me with quite a few partially consumed bottles of Buffalo Wing Sauce.  And I've always been a little stumped as to what to do with these left overs.   I'm certainly not going to use it to baste those sad little appendages that an animal once used to [...]

Irish Vegan ‘Cutlets’ w/ Whiskey-Scented Creamed Leeks served over Colcannon.

  Vegan Irish Cutlets w/ Whiskey-Scented Creamed Leeks over Colcannon   Happy belated St. Patrick's Day everyone!  I hope this Meatless Monday finds you skipping a jig, and not too drained from over-indulging in green beers.  I had a long week last week, so I opted to stay home from the festivities yesterday, [...]

Yes! There is a Vegan Caesar Salad !!

When I made the decision in 2010 to move from lacto-ovo vegetarian to vegan, two thoughts immediately came to mind.  It wasn't so much about giving up the cheese.  My first hesitant thoughts were: "Oh no ... No more Caesar Salad and no more Ranch Dressing ?!?!?"  It was really more about the "cream" products. [...]

A Mexican Potluck Farewell Party

This past Saturday, I hosted a going away holiday party for one of my fellow teachers.  She will be moving back to her native Texas, abandoning a high-profile and high-paying corporate job here in the Virgin Islands, in pursuit of her dreams of owning her own yoga studio to be aptly named "New Beginnings".  It [...]

Pumpkin Curry Chick’n over Herbed Cashew Basmati

Pumpkin Curry Chick'n over Rice                     Happy Meatless Monday, and my prayers are going out to everyone suffering in the path of Hurricane Sandy.  I can truly empathize, as I've been there many times during my years here in hurricane alley, in the USVI.  [...]

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