When I switched from Lacto Ovo Vegetarian to Vegan, it took a long time to pull together all these resources.  I am grateful to be able to share them with you, and hope they make your journey towards a 100% plant based, vegan lifestyle a bit easier …. And if you have any resources you’d like to see added, please email me 🙂

And in case you need a reminder, click here for encouragement to say no to the dairy and no to the eggs


Milk Substitutes:


Nut and Grain beverages are all over the place now.  Choose from soy, coconut, almond and other nut, rice, oat, hemp … You name it.

Visit SeriousEats for a Non-Dairy Milk Taste Test

When cooking, I prefer Natur-a Soy brand unsweetened Soy Milk.

Try So-Delicious Coffee Creamers.  Or Silk Brand.

Make Your Own Homemade Almond Milk


Non-Dairy Yogurts:


Like non-dairy beverages, non-diary yogurts are getting easier to find.  They can be found using soy milk, coconut milk, and now almond milk.

Make Your Own Easy Cashew Yogurt

 Make Your Own Non-Dairy Milk Yogurt (no equipment required)




Manufactured Cheese Substitutes
























Be careful on other brands … Many, such as Galaxy Brand Shreds still contain a lactose derivative.

Click here to download VegNew’s Ultimate Vegan Cheese Matrix (PDF)

Make Your Own Cheezy Sauces for Mac And Cheese

Make Your Own Creamy Fettucini Sauce

Make Your Own Nut Cheezes for Cracker Spreads  (I’ve never found I needed to use the cheesecloth)

Make Your Own Fermented Tofu Cheeze (very similar to a pungent Goat Cheese)

Marinate Tofu to replicate feta cheese on salads

Make your own Brazil Nut Parmesan

Order Artisan Vegan Cheese Cookbook via Amazon 

Vegan Cheese Fondue




Manufactured Cream Cheese Substitutes:







This Tofutti version does contain hydrogenated oils.  Tofutti also makes a version without, but I have yet to see it at my supermarket.
Galaxy also makes a vegan cream cheese, but I do not like it at all.  Follow Your Heart brand would be second choice.
VeganBaking.net’s Cream Cheese Taste Test


 Mayonnaise Substitutes:













Make Your Own Vegan Mayonnaise

Butter Substitutes:












Make Your Own Vegan Butter

Sour Cream Substitutes:










Vegan Sour Creams are significantly lower in calories than milk-based sour creams.  I feel Follow Your Heart brand is closest in taste and texture to real sour cream.  But at my store, it is almost double the price of Tofutti brand.  So if I’m planning on using it in a dip, I’ll buy Tofutti.  But topping a potato … I’ll splurge on the FYH.

Make Your Own Vegan Sour Cream Substitute using Silken Tofu

Make Your Own Cashew Sour Cream

Or try a combo using both Silken Tofu and Cashews

Non Dairy Ice Creams:









Make Your Own – Link to 29 Amazing Vegan Ice Creams

Visit Vegan Ala Mode Website

A Few Other Helpful Vegan Dairy Makeovers:

Dairy Free Condensed Milk

Tofu Non Dairy Cream Whip
Coconut Whipped Cream

Vegan Bailey’s Irish Cream

Vegan Caesar Salad Dressing


More Excellent Resources on Vegan Baking Substitutes (egg and dairy):


Egg Substitutes:
Make Your Own Flax Egg Replacer:  Mix 1 Tablespoon ground flax seed with 3 Tablespoons of Water (1 egg = 1/4 cup liquid)
Replacing Eggs for Breakfast:
Recipe for the TTV Vegan Steak & Eggs  (Scrambled Tofu …. Trust me, you’ll think it’s eggs!)
Recipe for the TTV Eggless McMuffin (Marinated Tofu Rounds)

Egg Substitutes Chart

Photo courtesy of SwansonVitamins.com

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