Butternut Squash & Kale Quesadillas w/ a Cumin Lime Sour-Cream Sauce from DishingUpThe Dirt.com

January 30th, 2014|Categories: 30 Minute Vegan Meal, Mexican, Quick Fix Mondays, Wonderful Web Resources|

Who doesn't love Mexican food ?? And folks new to plant-based living may wonder how Mexi can still be delicious without all the cheese. Well, today's recipe is proof that no cheese is needed to [...]

Good Food for Bad Times: Disaster Preparedness & 5 Quick Fix Ideas for the Butternut Squash Soup Carton

January 28th, 2014|Categories: 30 Minute Vegan Meal, Curry, Quick Fix Mondays|

Monday night at my house is "Quick Fix" night.  For many of us, the start of the work week can be pretty hectic.  And here in the USVI, it's also when the shiploads of fresh [...]

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