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Vegetarian Times | Providing veg*n recipes and wellness tips for over 30 years
Veg News Magazine | Vegan recipes, food, news, travel, health, blogs, tv, jobs, events
Vegetarian Living Magazine | A UK prospective on plant based living
Veggie Magazine | Another UK magazine and recipes website | Like the Pinterest of the Plant Based World | Claims to be the world’s largest database of vegan cookbooks, recipes, and products
FoodGawker | Graphical search with vegan gallery
Feastie | Another graphical search with vegan gallery | Indexes 21 of the most popular foodie magazines, by month
Better Homes and Gardens | More veg*n recipes than you might think, especially great for salads
All Free Casserole | One of my favorite places to search for casserole ideas!  You can find a few of my recipes there, along with other veg*n meals under the “Special Diet” tab.  I love getting their weekly email blast.
My Taste | Graphical Collection of Food Blogs, including mine, where you can search & save recipes

The Great Vegan Search Engine Project (by Glue & Glitter … Awesome!)

Peta | People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Vegetarian Resource Group | Loads of Information | All the info you really need to know! | Monthly social clubs in many major cities | Conscious Dating Network

Field to | Seasonal Produce Directory by State
Pick Your | Farmers Market Guides
The Old Farmer’s Almanac | Season Recipes, Gardening help
Specialty Produce | Recipes & info for just about every veggie under the sun


BlogLovin – Get new ideas daily!  Subscribe to BlogLovin (it’s free) and you can add all of your favorite blogs to your account here, and receive new posts from everyone, in one concise daily email feed.  Amazing!  Why not add me to your feed, along with the amazing blogs listed below ….

BLOGS OF POPULAR BIGWIG VEGAN AUTHORS: | The Post Punk Kitchen | Website & Blog of chef Isa Chandra Moskowitz, author of the much acclaimed books Veganimicon and Isa Does It plus many others | Author of many, many veg*n cookbooks.
Plant Powered Kitchen | Main Website of Dreena Burton, author of Let Them Eat Vegan
Vivelevegan |  Dreena’s older Blogspot blog



Vegan Richa | Creatively ethnic food.  Check out her whole roasted cauliflower & buffalo millet sandwich.  Yummy!
Ordinary Vegan | More than just ordinary plant based cooking
Oh She Glows | Journey to health from an eating disorder through a plant based diet with 500+ recipes
SkinnyMs | Not 100% veg, but many healthy options
28 Cooks  | The culinary musings of a vegaquarian
Just The Food | Absolutely Delicious and Cruelty Free Recipes
Yeah, That “Vegan” Shit  | Recipes to make you  Scream with Unbridled Pleasure
Sinfully Nutritious
Manifest Vegan
In Pursuit Of More
No Meat Athelete

Fat Free Vegan
Whole New Mom
Ellen Degeneres Going Vegan
Hippie Chick Living
Vegan Woman on Pinterest
Berkshire Vegan
The Healthy Eating Site
The Pursuit of Hippiness
Cooking with Siri
Fork And Beans | Gluten, egg & dairy free
Dishing Up The Dirt  |  A veggie centric farmer & foodie from the PNW
| Wonderful resource for veggie spiralized noodle & rice recipes
The Vegan Stoner | Just as the name implies, amazing simple go-to grub for when you’ve got the munchies!
A Veggie Venture | While not 100% vegetarian, “Vegetable Inspiration from A (asparagus) to Z (zucchini)” w/ focus on low carb

ChezBettay | Vegan Gourmet.   Found her while searching for a ramped up “meat”loaf.   Lots of awesome recipes.  Be sure to check out her Pinterest site too: 11,000 recipes and counting!
Keepin It Kind



Vegan Miam
Woks Of Life
Serious Eats – Not vegan, but a great resource for basis of adaptation
Rasa Malaysia
Recipe Tin Eats – Need to adapt, bring on the Gardein!



Vegan Baking | An amazing authority on baking and science of plant based cooking
Vegan Cookies & Bars on Pinterest
Fragrant Vanilla Cake  | Gorgeous Raw Desserts
DAMY – The best Chocolate and Strawberry Recipes for Valentines Day (plus many others)
DAMY – 11 Best Healthy Cookies(some vegan, look delicious)
Bittersweet Blog | Vegan a La Mode (Ice Cream!), one of the first vegan e-books I ever downloaded
Baking Soda vs. Baking Powder | Excellent article from Fine Cooking explaining why you use one or the other or both.   Helpful for adapting out your favorite baked desserts!


Artisan, No Knead Yeast Bread in 5 Minutes (Video) !! | Yes, really.   It works 🙂 | Print Recipe Here
Sourdough Baking | Basic, Easy Instructions – Creating & Maintaining a Starter + Recipes | Sourdough Yeast Supplies
The Fresh Loaf | A wealth of information, along with a very responsive help forum



Power to the Veg! | Wonderful vegetarian support group.  Please Join In !!
Anonymous Vegan | Animal Rights – A voice for the voiceless!
Compassion Over Killing | Non-Profit working to help animals
Animal Liberation Worldwide |  Stop the violence!
Veg Love Planet | Helping people, animals, planet
Feed Your Purpose | Macrobiotics & Body Image Blog (by a good friend of mine)



The Life Regenerator’s YouTube Channel  | Leading authority on raw living.  Loads of information!
Julies Raw Ambition
The Raw Food World’s YouTube Channel
Sexy Raw Vegan Facebook Page (I found to be more helpful than their website)
Better Raw with Tanya Alekseeva
Raw Crazy Vegan | A woman after my own heart …. she lists breakfast!
Rawmazing  | Gorgeous photos, wonderful inspiration
Choosing Raw  | A simple approach to a raw and vegan (not all raw) lifestyle
Girl On Raw along with her Facebook Page
| For some delicious soups
RawFoodNaturals | A raw food health store, with a number of recipes
SweetlyRaw | For some delicious raw vegan breads!
TheRawtarian | Very nice recipe index of of simple and satisfying raw meals
RawVeganPower | Check out their post on 25 Raw Vegan Soups & 25 Raw Vegan Chocolate Recipes (yum!)
Well And Awake | A woman after my own heart … Food (Raw & Vegan) … A natural, holistic, and spiritual approach to wellness.



FreshBitesDaily.comAngela Peck Skinwellness | 80 Boards of Wellness, Beauty DIY and Food
Elizabeth Cliff (220 boards, vegetarian)  check out her board Vegan Salads & Dressings

Field Roast Grain Meat Company | Delicious seitan based products.  Growing recipe collection and Facebook Page
Gardein | Love their product, and love their page




Not vegan, but once you learn how to substitute …. Have at it!

Old Recipe Book | Favorites from the 1920’s-1970’s) ie.  Bisquick Biscuits from 1933!
Endless Simmer 100 Things | I found this will searching for something new to do with Banana’s for breakfast … Here’s a 100 Things to do with Bananas & much more !
Idaho Potato Recipes for the Food Service Industry  Some really yummy looking potato recipes.  Try out the Shitake Mushroom Burger with Black Eye Pea and Roasted Pepper Salad and Crispy Potato Cakes, or the Hariyali Tikki or Homemade Tater Tots …
New York Public Library Menus Collection |  As a recipe writer, I love looking at menus.   The NYPL has digitized over 17,000 menus.   Dream up new dinner ideas from these fabulous old, historical menus and restaurants !

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