Happy Veteran’s Day everyone.  This image and quote by Gandhi pretty much sums up my feelings in regards to today’s “holiday”.  I salute our troops, but I sure wish I didn’t have to.  Knowing that there are some 68,000 citizens still “defending our country” in Afghanistan gives me little reason for celebration. Food took a back seat this week, as Spencer came down with Dengue Fever on Thursday.  Even a vegan diet can’t keep that at bay, but it can help speed recovery as a result of a strengthened immune system.  Fortunately, last Monday, I made a pot of Mushroom Barley and Caramelized Onion Soup, which overcame his lack of appetite and kept him hydrated.  I was intending on posting a “Root Vegetable Pot Pie” recipe, but that will have to wait until next week.  Luckily, root vegetables ...

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                    Happy Meatless Monday, and my prayers are going out to everyone suffering in the path of Hurricane Sandy.  I can truly empathize, as I’ve been there many times during my years here in hurricane alley, in the USVI.  As you put your lives back in order, I hope today’s easy recipe – Pumpkin Curry Chick’n – might just hit the spot.  Gardein products likely aren’t in your hurricane provision kits, but canned Roland Tofu might make a decent pantry substitution.  And there’s nothing wrong with serving it over simple Minute Rice! read more ...

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